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In this exhibition Liz Lamer will be presenting a series of cast pewter hands. The pieces are made by three methods; life casts of human hands, casts of pre-existing found sculptures, and casts of hands sculpted by the artist. The employment of different methods is part of Larner's continuous investigation into a definition of sculpture. Gestures float in space, inviting the viewer to move through them. The depiction of physical sensibility and expression of detached hands cause the lost body to recur. In effect, one is immersed in a sense of the uncanny. Unique combinations that make up the individual pieces constitute a moment sustained; like the arrangement of words creating a sentence. The relation of each piece to the body of the installation is simultaneously integral and distinct. The tension of preserved action, contained in cast pewter, is released by the combination and variation of gestures swirling in space. 


The work of Liz Lamer has dealt with experience of space invoked through tension among her materials and accumulation of signs. In her last exhibition at 303, Lamer presented sculpture with a reflective surface juxtaposed with text, offering us a question of how meaning expands where surfaces begin, stop or change. 

Born in 1960 and a graduate of Cal Arts, Liz Larner lives and works in Los Angeles.