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Male and female sex dolls, converted into multi-functional pick-up toys: each doll, of each gender, is a different primary or secondary color - the dolls are equipped to provide sound and light as well as sex. For durability, the inflatable dolls are filled with expanding foam; they could, as an alternative, be stuffed like toy animals.


Each doll carries a portable radio, embedded in its stomach or back or leg. The doll's prime parts, its sexually usable components - the open mouth, the ass-hole, the penis or vagina - are each modified to serve a separate function: sound, light or sex. An audio speaker is inserted into one of the components, and a strobe-light into another (the speaker or light fits into the opening of the mouth or ass-hole or vagina - the head of the penis is removed and replaced by a speaker or light installed in the shaft). The third component is left available for sex; this component, whether open mouth or ass-hole or vagina or head of penis, is colored hot pink.


Each doll is twisted and folded in on itself, so that the sexually available component is pushed forward and prominently exhibited: legs are bent back and torso pulled backward and downward, to expose the penis or vagina - legs are bent forward and upward, feet hooked around neck, to expose the ass-hole - head is yanked back and face turned up, body curled into a ball, to expose the open mouth.


A coiled electrical cord, matching the color of the doll, comes out from the side of the doll's head. Each doll is fitted with a clasp that clips on to an eyehook on wall or floor. Three dolls of each gender are hooked on to the wall, and three to the floor; the dolls are stored in place, on display, so that their sexually available components are poised at groin-level of the person who walks through. The dolls are ready for use; they can be unplugged and unhooked and taken elsewhere, for sex on the run and entertainment on the move.